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Lunatic podcast #22 | Discordia 3

Lunatic podcast #22 | Discordia 3

Gabriel EA Clark – ½ от шантавото английско-българско дуо FezBastard и организатор на DISCORDIA 3 – подготви ексклузивно за Lunatic.bg този подкаст – еклектична селекция от някои от най-добрите ъндърграунд актове на София.

Очаквайте anywave, jazz, последван от digital punk, през noise до dub/reggae.

<<<<< The Bedlam Club >>> Post-chalga Apocalypse Boy Band
>>>>> krāllār >>> Tape Drone
<<<<< жълти стъкла >>> Dysphonic AnyWave
>>>>> FezBastard >>> Absurdist Digital Punk
<<<<< ZAATOK >>> Two guys, five instruments, three loops <<< WORLD PREMIERE!!!!

>>>>> Anna Bo >>> Harsh- electronics-female-artists bound
<<<<< YvesO >>> Homegrown noise, quirky techno, twisted visuals
>>>>> Nenko Manolov / Бас Народен >>> Dub Reggae and Balkan DnB
>>>>> Cactus Erectus Блъф.корпс Bluff.corps >>> ambient/trap/breakcore

>>>>> още нямаме име by Йон Марс and Julia Stoyanova

Този плейлист съдържа пaрчета, които вероятно ще чуете от 9-те DJ-и и артисти, които ще се включат в DISCORDIA 3 – в Laboratory на 5 октомври.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/lunaticbg/lunatic-podcast-22-discordia-3/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]
  1. (00:00-05:25) The Bedlam Club – Private Eye
  2. (05:25-10:29) Dub Size – The World Is a Fine Place
  3. (10:29-12:14) ZAATOK – Lo-fi Lullaby
  4. (12:14-17:28) жълти стъкла – пак там
  5. (17:28-20:31) Crystal Castles – Untrust Us
  6. (20:31-23:05) FezBastard – Thor
  7. (23:05-30:56) YvesO – Sura (Matta remix) (dkstrkt vocal)
  8. (30:56-39:42) krāllār – meanwhile


You’ve just eaten your first course of your three course meal – a crispy, seaweed salad. Delicious.

You’re ready for your next course and look excitedly as the waiter brings it to you. He puts it on the table and then the disappointment hits you like a rock.

Another fucking seaweed salad.

You plough through it and hope for the best for dessert.
It comes.
Seaweed salad. Again.

It’s not right, is it?

So imagine the same thing, but instead of a restaurant, you’re at a festival and instead of the seaweed salad, it’s a band.

After listening to a post-punk band for an hour, you probably don’t want to hear another post-punk band. Perhaps some jazz? Or some grindcore? If you’ve just sat through a blisteringly awesome noise set for 40 mintues – your brain needs to be in a different space for the following 40 minutes.

This is the principle of Discordia.

In this night, we aim to bring together a selection of some of Sofia’s finest underground acts, but at the same time, ensure that you’re not just getting seaweed for each course.

Expect anywave followed by jazz followed by digital punk followed by noise followed by dub/reggae.

All underground, but not all seaweed.

This playlist features tracks you’re likely to hear from the 9 acts performing at Laboratory on 5th October, whether they’re original pieces from one of the 5 high-energy bands or played out by one of the 4 highly diverse DJs.